What's In A Name!

Surname spellings were not stabilised until the end of the eighteenth century and changes still occur.

Keeler Archives cover the following known variants: Keeler, Keelar, Keelor, Keelir, Keyler, Keylor, Keeghler, Keeller, Keelleur, Kealer, Kaehler, Kuehler, Kehler, Kahler, Kaler, Kalar, Kalor, Kyler, Kylar, Keler, Kelar, Kelor, Kelour, Kohler, Keller, Keiller, Keillar, Keillor, Keiler, Keilar, Keilor, Keighler, Kieler, Kielar, Kielleurs, Killour, Killer, Killar, Killor, Kayler, Kaylor, d' Kelor, de Kelor, de Kelore, de Celer, de Cellar, de Cellario, Calar, Cailer, Cailor, Caylor.

(Research circa 1997)